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Sneak Preview of Project 7:14

Sneak Preview of Project 7:14

Project 7:14 

"It's a call for the church to rise up, join together for one cause, to fulfill the great commission. It is a call to every follower of Jesus Christ to rise and become the answer to someone’s prayer. It is a call to every believer to become the hands and feet of Jesus, to be bold in our witness and extravagant with our love and giving."



Mission Statement
Project7:14 exists to awaken every generation, bringing the message of salvation, freedom, healing, unity and revival to His church, to our community, the state and to the nation. To bridge the divide between races, cultures and generations in order to unite His people for the purpose of Kingdom building.

Vision Statement

  • It is our desire to awaken the church, to bridge the divide and be the conduit of healing between races, cultures, generations and denominations. To call His people to rise-up, step into their callings, come out of the walls of the building, join as one for greater purpose, to bring healing to the land and build His Kingdom! 

  • To bring the message of salvation, deliverance, reformation, revelation, revival, awakening and healing to every believer, non- believer, every family, every home, every city, every state and to the nation. To go into all the world, into the highways and byways share the Gospel message and compel people to come to Jesus. To make every effort we can to find those who have wandered from their faith, those who have felt rejected and those who have yet to hear the Good News.

  • To be filled and directed by Holy Spirit, allowing Him to flow through and use us as He desires. To be vessels of His unconditional love and carriers of His anointing, filled with faith and resurrection power always expecting that signs, miracles and wonders will follow us, because we BELIEVE!



Our Commitments

  • Project 7:14 was founded upon the unconditional love of Jesus, intercessory prayer and the Word of God. All three will remain the foundation of this ministry. The Cross will always be the center of the mission, vision and purpose of Project 7:14.

  • We are dedicated to living a sanctified life, set apart as vessels for the Masters use. We will study and apply His Word, listen and follow Holy Spirit as He leads. Always purposing to give Him the platform in every service, revival and outreach. For we believe without His leading and His anointing we have nothing to give.

  • “We are dedicated, purposeful and focused on reaching, preaching and teaching the Word. Our motto is simply this, “May everything we do and say be done and said in view of eternity”.  


2 Chr 7:14 says,

‘Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.’

What if we took action? 


What if we not only prayed, but came out of our prayer closets, out of our selves, our homes and took our prayers out on our porches, onto the sidewalks into the streets, into the parks and into our communities? What if we joined together as His people, pooling our resources, giving our time, ourselves & our giftings? What if we came together as the body of Christ for one purpose, not to build the church, but to “be the Church”, taking territory and building His kingdom.

This would be a movement indeed, this is Project 7:14! A bold, empowered and compassionate people, with one heart and one focus to do what Jesus commanded us to do so many years ago? “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15


What if? 


The enemy has shut us in, shut us down and shut us up for far too long! He has divided, dis-focused and disabled us with differences of opinion, interpretation and so many other distractions. But what if, we chose to focus on the message of “Jesus Christ and why He came, that all men might know Him and be saved”.


People of God the hour is late, the time is short and there is work to be done. It’s time to put all distractions aside and be about our Fathers business! To truly be a follower of Jesus, we must live as He lived, love as He loved and do as He did. I believe “IF WE” will respond to the call in 2 Chr 7:14, if we will pray, repent and RESET our focus, we will be empowered to fulfill the great commission and through us the Lord will bring healing to this land. We have a treasure within us, we are the “carriers” of His hope and healing and we can change the world.


My hearts desire is to see the people of God rise to prayer & rise to action, joining together to minister the love of Jesus in a tangible, practical and relevant way. After all, Jesus said, ”they would know us by our love for one another”. West Michigan/this world needs us to spread the hope and love of Jesus. Will you join with me, respond to the call and rise to action? Stronger together, united in focus, empowered by His Spirit and bold in witness!

So what do you have to give?

Everyone of us is needed at this time, to finish the work He started over 2000 years ago. It’s time for us to Rise, be the solution and change the world together!


Project 7:14 was birthed into Christy’s heart and spirit in October of 2017. In prayer, He allowed her to feel the weight of the city. The pain, poverty, addiction, homelessness, parentless homes, human trafficking, self harm and so much more. Her response was “Lord what would you have me to do?” and there, as she sat in her car, He ministered 2 Chronicles 7:14 and put within her spirit “Project 7:14”. Since then, God has been ordering her steps and developing the ministry. He is now using Project 7:14 as a catalyst to bring God’s people together for His purpose and glory. 

It is our desire is to see the people of God rise to prayer and rise to action. Joining together to minister the love of Jesus in a tangible, practical and relevant way. After all, Jesus said, ”they would know us by our love for one another”. This world needs us to be his hands and feet. Will you join with me, respond to the call and rise to action? We are stronger together, united in focus, empowered by His Spirit and bold in witness! 


Project 7:14 would love to partner with you and your church for revivals and community outreaches. We are seeing, a powerful move of God and the miraculous!  We have a proven strategy and we would love to bring this ministry to you, your church parking lot or neighborhood park.

For monetary and gift card donations please send to P.O. Box.
For any other donations please contact us by email for shipping information or drop-off location.
You can now make checks payable to Project 714 Revival Outreach Ministry
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